Mother Earth

Solar System Panels

Solar system panels one of the many ways we conserve electricity

Eco Friendly Resort Structure

Eco Friendly Resort Structure Made from Kaya Stones (Locally available and temperature controlled stones)

Solar System Panels

Eco Friendly Battery Operated Golf Cars For the Guests

Solar System Panels

“Prayatna” Corporate Social Responsibility Wall

  • The resort is designed in a way which does not disturb its natural surroundings and emphasize on greenery in & around the resort.
  • We at Ramada Udaipur Resort & Spa have also adopted the STP Project (Sewage Treatment Plant) where in the used water of the resort is treated through various stages & then used for horticulture.
  • Wet garbage is collected, treated & used as manure in the many lawns at the resort.
  • We have developed Rain-water Harvesting System where we collect and store the rain water & put it to further use.